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About company

DSC research and develops new generation telecommunication technologies, based on existing network (TETRA / DMR) infrastructure, build software solutions aimed at improving the usability and functionality of existing and next-generation communications networks through their integration and providing appropriate interfaces for their use and management.
Developed by DSC telecommunication technologies approved by multiple completed integrations for companies from Germany (EU), Dubai (UAE) and Sudan.


Extension for professional telecommunication that enhances present professional telecommunication networks.

  • Merge network based on equipment from different manufactures that are not compatible with each other;
  • Enhance existing infrastructure, allowing it support wider range of equipment;
  • Integrate different generation networks and equipment.
  • Provide Dispatching, Recording, Monitoring, Security and Encryption solutions.

Advanced Dispatching

Dispatching allows managing large group of people and company’s units

  • Alert & Notification system;
  • Managing tasks of people;
  • Manage multiple voice channels;
  • Redirect calls;
  • Set priority to communication;
  • Create dynamic groups of people;
  • Extensions:
    • Monitoring and Recording;
    • Record communication;
    • Unit positioning;
    • Auto Vehicle Location (AVL);
    • etc.

DSC PMR Desktop Phone

DSC provide hardware device solutions for offices

DSC Developed prototype of a Desktop phone with extended communication features.
  • Remote controlled address book;
  • Make calls to radio subscribers;
  • PTT function;
  • SDS / Statuses;
  • Hardware encryption;
  • Set of conference function:
    • Priority modes;
    • Direct messages;
    • Microphone mutes;
    • etc.
DSC Developed prototype of a Desktop phone with extended communication features.

Research & Development

New DSC solution based on IP/wireless networks. Today most of businesses has deployed a wired or wireless IP networks and it makes DSC solutions a better choice for them, when it comes to adding professional voice services. As consequence of utilizing digital networks and equipment DSC makes possible enabling PMR function for digital devices: Smartphones, Tables, Laptops, PC.

Non radio users will get next features: Calls (Individual and Groups); SDS (Short Data Service) and Status messages; Push to Talk function (PTT); Dynamic Groups; Provide Encryption and Authentication; Dispatching, Monitoring, Voice recording;

New communication possibilities

  • PMR functions over IP networks (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, LTE);
  • Secure communication on unsecured lines;
  • Communication between different networks types (Radio / GSM / VoIP);
  • Communication between not compatible devices (Radio / Smartphones / PC);
  • Mobile Command Centers;

New management possibilities

  • Advanced Dispatching;
  • Monitoring and Recording;
  • Indoor / Outdoor positioning;
  • Regroup user by location;
  • Auto vehicle location (AVL);
  • Location based tasks;
  • Object oriented task;
  • Task sequences and queues;

New PMR hardware

  • Wireless radio;
  • Desktop phones;
  • PC Soft phones;
  • Mobile Soft phones;
  • Crypto coders / decoders;

DSC architecture

DSC will be provided as independent network with ability to integrate other types of networks.

DSC PMR Wi-Fi and App radios

DSC provide hardware device solutions

DSC developes prototypes App and Wi-Fi radios.
  • Wi-Fi Radio is a fully operational affordable PMR Radio;
  • Radio App makes a PMR Radio from any smartphone;
  • Works on wireless IP networks (Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, LTE);
  • Able listening several communication channels;
  • Extends devices with support of media content (digital maps, blueprints, images, etc.)
  • Enhances devices by adding additional functions: (QR-code scanners, RFID chip readers, etc.)
DSC is developing prototypes of App and Wi-Fi radios.


System ensures total control under managed environment. The most important for a government organizations and business security departments.


DSC allows to locate users position inside offices and outdoor, and dynamically create groups for further communication and managing / dispatching tasks

DSC Auto Vehicle Location (AVL)

DSC provides a range of AVL features

  • Define unit location and track it;
  • Save and review unit’s tracks and tasks history;
  • Monitor unit state and parameters;
  • Send media data to unit’s device;
  • Set operational area limits for units;
  • Manage unit’s task list;
  • Set location based tasks;
  • Set task sequences and queues;
  • Set object oriented tasks;
  • Automatic reporting;
  • Alerts and notification system.

DSC Mobile Command Centers

System allows easily made communication network on side without ready infrastructure

Security and Encryption

According to business demand, DSC offers sets of security extensions

  • Secure usage of unsecured lines;
  • Encryption for public telephony;
  • Hardware encryption devices;
  • End-to-end encryption:
    • Encoding voice before sending;
    • Decoding after receiving;
  • Supports all types of mobile phones;
  • Supports all types of mobile networks (GSM, CDMA, etc.);
  • Ability to use corporate key-management server;